Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple – 2020 {Updated}

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple – 2020 {Updated}

When your friends and buddies ask you ‘how are you doing?’ what do you reply? Rather, how do you reply?

Do you answer to them in an elated tone?


Do you simply smirk?


The answers to both questions have a different meaning altogether. I hope you understood. No???

Okay, let’s put it some other way around.

Take it as an example.


… You and your wife have gone to your friends’ party. There’s a dance floor with good enough space. All your friends and their spouses are having a gala time there.


When you ask your wife’s hand, you notice that she is unwilling to dance with you.

Do you think this healthy?

Definitely not!

Rather, nothing can be more insulting than being refused by your wife/ husband.

If such is the case:

You need to understand that there are certain problems in your married relationship. Things are definitely not falling into place.

So, it is you who have to find out!

In most cases, it has been noticed that an inactive sexual relationship is the main cause that makes two souls drift away.

In a marriage, to make it last long, sex plays a vital role!


To enjoy a good sex life, you have to choose the best bed frames for sexually active couples!

When you are up to setting up your bedroom or renovating it, you will find a lot of bed frame that looks really cool.


Tell me, how many offer bed frames that are useful for an active sex life?

Honestly, the number is very less!

In fact, you will rarely find one.


If you go for a steady research for the bed frames that are beneficial for sex, you may get a few options.


… When you are selecting solid bed frames, royalty and elegance are the two most important features that stand tall at the back of your mind. You keep everything aside and strive for the factor that ‘Is my bed looking princely?’


Looks do matter. But try to keep quality a step ahead of looks! This way, it is you who will be the gainer!


When you are speaking of sex…

… Do you know curbing down little time from your daily schedule and investing it in lovemaking with your beloved can give you major health benefits?

There is no need for spending more money on activating your sex life or boosting your mood.

All you need to do is focus upon the time on your bed. And, you will be benefitted the most!


Let’s face the truth!

You may enjoy a great sex but what if you create a lot of noise?


I’m not speaking of the passionate noise that you and your partner make but that of the bed. Noise emitted out from the bed frame is really annoying. This cranky sound can even disturb your sexual act.


It is high time that you need to start looking out for the best bed frames in order to carry out the best sexual activity, rather, a noise-free sex!


The problem does not end here.

Actually, it is here that the main problem starts. And it is…

… How will you get the best bed frame for a peaceful sexual activity?

Let’s check the list.

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple – 2019

All the products are supported by their features, pros, and cons. So, a quick glance at them will give you an idea as to which one to buy and which one to discard.

Let’s begin.

#1: Zinus 14 Inch Smart Base Mattress Foundation Platform

Whatever has been mentioned earlier as the basic requirement for a good piece of the bed frame is all found in this product.

It is super comfy, very much bouncy and apt for some quality time between you and your spouse!

Zinus 14 inch smart base mattress foundation platform bed frame

Benefits You Get:

  • Features a bed frame of 14 inches
  • Makes you feel good while you lay down
  • Provides maximum support to your body
  • Manufactured out of strong steel rods
  • Connected in multiple areas so that the mattress does not sag down
  • Whole bed storage space is of 13 inches
  • Stability increases the lifespan of the bed frame
  • The plastic cap is attached at the bottom so that your floor is not filled with scratches
  • Designed in a stylish folded manner
  • The frame can be installed very easily
  • A noise-free product that increases stability
  • Product is guaranteed
  • Provides perfect storing of the frame
  • Joist span could be a bit thicker to impart more support

#2: Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty 14-inch Platform: Top Rated Metal Bed Frame

Are you in search of a Herculean bed frame? You have come to the right place!

Besides being the strongest bed frame, the product provides a warranty period of three years. The whole frame is made up of the metal body. Regardless of the design, the product is a good buy.

Benefits You Get:

  • Construction of the frame is very strong
  • Manufactured out of super solidified metal frame
  • Gives extra support to the mattress
  • Designed in a manner in which the traditional box spring can be replaced when it gets damaged
  • Looks very modern
  • Things can be stored under the bed
  • Frame prevents the mattress from sagging down
  • The bed frame is supported at 12 places
  • The metal frame can be folded
  • Price is very much affordable despite the exquisite features
  • No tools are required while assembling the bed frame
  • Mattress gets complete support
  • All the screws need to be tightened well. Otherwise, the parts may fall apart

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#3: Zinus 16-Inch Smart Base Deluxe Mattress Foundation

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple

Want some comfort? Lie down on the Zinus 16 inch smart base deluxe mattress foundation!

The product is compatible to all your sexual activities. Also, durability, storage, and added support are the three fundamental features of this product.

Benefits You Get:

  • Combination of latex, memory foam and spring
  • Metal box is so designed that it does not need extra spring box
  • Does not require other tools to set up the bed frame
  • Product can be installed solely
  • Packaging allows you to pass through staircase and doorways
  • Stability and durability are at its peak
  • Mattress does not sag
  • Ensures long life of the mattress
  • Legs are recessed to impart safety
  • Product stretches to 16 inches and extends to 15 inches
  • Locking system is in the form of ‘T’ giving more stability
  • Frame has a plastic cap to prevent scratches on the floor
  • All the components are reliable and strong
  • Cross beams of the frame are weak

#4: Simple House-ware 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active couple

Buy this bed frame along with all the features present in it. Both simplicity and bolding points are present in this bed frame.

Take a look at the exquisite features of the simple house-ware bed frame.

Benefits You Get:

  • Has a height of 14 inch
  • Gives more space to store items underneath the bed
  • Bed frame can be replaced
  • Box spring too is irreplaceable
  • Box spring does not demand any extra tool
  • Spring can be installed anytime within the memory foam mattress
  • Bed frame is capable of carrying a capacity of 500 lb
  • Point of contacts are capable of perfectly holding the bed frame
  • Mattress stands still in one particular place
  • Assembling the miniature parts are simple
  • The metal frame needs to be a bit sturdy to impart more durability

#5: Amazon Basics Platform Bed Frame

Amazon Basics Platform Bed Frame - Best Bed Frame

However much you out your influence while choosing your bed and mattress, once you notice the Amazon basics platform bed frame, none will attract you more!

The frame is sturdy with a good amount of designs on top of it. so, you can expect a lot of good things from the product. Take a look then.

Benefits You Get:

  • Capable of carrying a weight of 250 lbs
  • Design has a sleek polished black finish
  • Steel is very much durable
  • Measurement of the outer section of the frame – 12.5 mm by 25 mm; legs – 16 mm by 31 mm; steel wire – 3 mm
  • Bed frame does not require box spring
  • Drawers or storage bins can be installed below the bed
  • Makes room for other items in the room
  • Accommodates the full size of the mattress
  • No noise will be produced
  • No separate installation of box spring needed
  • Horizontal panels provide extra support along with the cross row wires
  • Shaped in a triangular rising for supporting your back
  • Thankfully, there have been no complaints as of yet

#6: Yanni Easy Setup Premium Metal Platform Mattress Foundation

Most of you ignore the care and warmth that your mattress needs. But, worry not! Yanni takes adequate care of the mattresses on your behalf!

However much you spend behind a bed frame, the only rule is to keep in mind to check the reviews.

For Yanni, you can check it here.

Benefits You Get:

  • Elegant model
  • Features both romanticism and supreme comfort
  • Bed frame has multiple functions
  • Consists of a metal slat
  • Metal plate is curved downward
  • Plate makes adjustments for your body
  • Has a standard height
  • Constructed out of pure steel
  • Guardrails at the side provide added safety
  • Can be set up easily
  • Has the capability to stand the weight of 350 lbs
  • Steel enhances the durability and comfort of the product
  • Suitable for friends and family
  • Box spring not required
  • Model is not very sturdy

#7: Vecelo Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Full Size

VECELO Queen Size Bed Frame - Best Bed Frame for Sex

If you and your partner have an active sex life, you will definitely understand the value of a good bed frame and a firm mattress.

Your hunger can be satiated by the Vecelo bed frames.

Benefits You Get:

  • Perfect for sex
  • Ensures a good sleep
  • Exotic features of mat headboard and footboard
  • 11 inch space under the bed
  • Steel provides maximum durability
  • Stable product
  • Support systems are ideal
  • Constructed of 10 legs with cross bars
  • All parts work together
  • Bars fixed with screws does not make noise
  • Mattresses of the length 6 – 8 inches fit easily
  • Stable support provided by 10 legs
  • Central support needs to be made more sturdy

#8: Best Price Mattress Frame XL 

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple

This product is inclusive of all the important features that a good bed frame should consist of. You can call it a brand buy.

None of the bed frames can be more desirable than this because it is apt for the living room.

To know more, check out the features.

Benefits You Get:

  • Easy to install
  • Firmly set
  • Support provided by footboard and in-built headboard
  • Can easily fit into dorms
  • Versatility shows in the model
  • Product can be folded simply
  • Support bolts to impart relaxation while you are lying down
  • No spring box is required
  • Frame is constructed out of 100% steel
  • Perfect for couples
  • Stability and comfort are the fundamental elements
  • Setting up is simple
  • No box spring is required
  • As of yet, no faults have been found

#9: Olee Sleep 14 inch T – 3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

Well, this is one of a kind!

When having enjoyable sex is your main concern, you should look no further but right at this product!

Don’t you believe?

Check out the features then.

Benefits You Get:

  • Padding at the foot
  • Prevents floor scratches
  • Space of 13.5 inches under the bed to keep your belongings
  • Design is sturdy
  • Metal used is of top-notch quality
  • Lasts long
  • Bed frame hold the mattress tightly
  • Frame can fit at ease into any place
  • Can be assembled in no time
  • Steel results in extreme strength
  • Makes the bed frame durable
  • Model does not need box spring
  • Mattress is supported well by the edges of the bed frame
  • Height is not up to the mark

#10: Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall T – 3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat

Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couple

Like the last one, this bed frame too is of the same series. Now, you might be asking the difference between both.


To know the difference you need to read out its reviews.

Benefits You Get:

  • Can be used conveniently
  • Fits into any place
  • Storage space is available
  • Bed frame can be folded
  • Has padding under its feet
  • Prevents scratching on the floor
  • 100% metal for longer lifespan
  • Supports mattress and improvises stability
  • Mattress does not slip off
  • Again, no box spring required
  • Tools needed for installing the bed frame are provided
  • Can be set up easily
  • Tighten the screws for more sturdiness
  • Height is not up to the mark

To get hold of the best product amongst the bed frames, there are certain considerations that you need to follow.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Flexible to React Quickly

By the term ‘flexible’ it is meant that the bed frame that you choose should be able to adjust itself to over naughty movements with your love!

If your bed does not respond to your movements, it is likely to get damaged soon.

In fact, a bed frame that is not in motion with you makes you feel like you are on top of a piece of brick.


Tell me. When you are engaged in sex, you obviously feel loved. In fact, sex is made to feel good. So, if you feel like lying down on top of a rock, will you get the passionate feeling?

Definitely not!

Look for those models of bed that offer supreme flexibility.

The product that you choose should be in sync with the rate of your movement or the positions that you change to.

  • Bouncy

Let’s be honest!

You will have a gala time with your partner and there will be no amount of intensity and hotness, this should never be imagined.

The bounce is directly related to the feeling that the mattress experiences under rapid compression.

You need to choose only those frames that are sturdy enough to withstand the bounce.

Make sure that whenever there is a movement on top of the bed, it should be absorbed by the bed frame. At the most, it can reciprocate a floating feeling but nothing more.


It should know to create a rhythm with your body movement.

This way, your sexual act will be enhanced!

Avoid foams that return back to its original position soon.

  • Durability

This is another important factor that should never be out of your sight and mind!

In fact:

It is the durability of the bed frame, upon which depends the increase in of sales volume.

Here too, quality wins like always!

You will a lot of mattresses in the market. But all are not enough versatile to be bought at ease.

While purchasing a bed frame, it is better that you go to the process of selection after reviewing the product. Besides, you need to choose such a mattress that gets adapted to the frame at once.

Keep in mind:

Durability is the keyword!

  • Comfortable


You will never be willing to lie down or even make love upon a faulty bed frame.

Comfort is something that comes under your first priority.

None of you will like to ruin your best moments with your partner. And if that is for a bed, it is not at all welcoming!


What happens is…

… When your bed is in a motion with you, it develops certain pressure points. This occurs because you tend to put too much pressure on one part of the bed. As a result, it sags down.


You have to choose a bed frame that does not form any pressure points regardless of the condition that it faces.

Whatever be the movement of the bed, or in whichever position you are, that should not affect the bed frame.

The bed frame should be sturdy enough to stand tall under all circumstances!

  • Noise-Free

When you are making love, it is for sure that you are into the passionate motion of it. Besides, the movements in the sexual activity, there is also a rhythm in which sex works the best.


If you notice that your bed is moaning much more than you are, then you really have a bad luck!


The situation gets more complicated if you have kids or elders sleeping right next doors.


You need to choose a bed frame that makes the least noise while it is in the motion. Also, this will keep your sexual activity locked within the four walls of your bedroom.

  • Support at the Edges

A very pertinent question that most of you ask is…

Is the support at the edges of the bed frame necessary?


Of course, it is!

Comfort level if more heightened by the support at the edges.

Added to this…

… It gives you a lot of opportunities to try out new positions as well.


Next time when you go to purchase a bed frame, keep in mind the above-mentioned factors.

Final thoughts on Best Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couples


You see, if you don’t get the right bed frame for yourself, there is no fun in your married life!


If you keep sex aside, you will definitely not want your friends and family to sit on a break on a weak bed.

Next time when you go to buy the bed frames, keep all the above mentioned points in mind. Also, if you want, you can choose one from the list that is mentioned here.

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