Best Bed Frames for Overweight Person 2020 {Updated Guide}

Best Bed Frames for Overweight Person 2020 {Updated Guide}

Are you an overweight, obese person or a couple looking for the best heavy duty bed frames? If you are an overweight person then standard bed frames would be causing tough times and problems.

But need not worry as there are some famous brands available that offer best bed frames.

Here in this post, we will tell you not just about the 6 best bed frames for obese and overweight people but also the important things to consider before you buy a bed frame for yourself!

Why You Need a Heavier Bed Frame?

If you are an overweight/ heavier person then a standard bed frame will not be able to offer you complete support. A standard frame can result in lots of conveniences like sagging mattress at the center or even collapsing of bed frame in the middle of the night.

The only way to combat this problem is to shop for one of the strongest bed frames that can support your body weight and at the same time offer you a good night sleep.

So, check the top 6 best heavy duty bed frames that would solve all your problems and at the same time would deliver a long-lasting performance and absolute durability.

Top 6 Bed Frames for Overweight People: Heavy Duty & Strongest Bed Frames

#1: Zinus 14” Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

It is an extra strong bad frame that holds a bearable weight capacity of 2,400 pounds. This bed frame comes with a foldable packaging that makes its assembling easy and convenient.

It holds a strong steel construction with slats that ensures that the mattress does not sag anywhere. This avoids the need of securing a box spring. Most importantly, the frame offers the perfect foundation for memory foam mattress and other sorts that require a flat surface base. Besides its incredible weight holding capacity, it comes with plastic caps that protect your floor from getting scratch.

It offers eminent support for the obese and tall people. It is because the construction of the frame is made from the best quality steel. Furthermore, there is the option of under-bed storage, which is 13 inches spacious and 14 inches high. As a result, you are able to keep your additional stuff and clothes in an organized manner.

If you are looking for a mattress offering any sagging or noise when you alter the sleep position then this is one of the best options to consider. It can be placed on any floor type and is hence an ideal solution for bedrooms with different flooring. For a quiet, trouble-free and supportive night, this is an excellent bed frame to consider.

  • It comes in compact packaging and is very easy to assemble.
  • There is no additional box spring required
  • It is possible to create an additional storage space underneath the frame that allows space to store additional clothes and stuff.
  • It comes in a foldable design that makes it highly portable.
  • It comes with plastic leg caps that offer extra safety to flooring. It ensures that your flooring does not experience any scratches.
  • The design is super sturdy and affordable that is famous to offer best performance along with affordability
  • There might be slight slippage of the mattress.
  • The single frame is Queen Size and is suitable for one person. Hence, for couples, you need to attach two frames.
  • It is a basic frame design that does not come with any styling or fancy style.

#2: Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame: Sleep Master Bed Frame

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

The metal bed frame from Hercules is another metallic bed frame with robust metallic construction. It is a sleep master bed frame, which is highly strong and flat. As a result, it is an ideal choice to support any mattress and to avail supreme comfort.

It can be used for almost all types of mattresses and can be used with or without box spring. You can even use it with footboard and headboards available in built-in bracket option. It comes in small, compact packaging for convenient handling. So, if you have small room size or narrow hallways then it can be shifted to places with ease. The piece comes with 3 years warranty and is easy to assemble.

A great aspect of this frame is it is backed with rich customer support. Whether you are having any problem using this frame or assembling it or does not like it, the customer support service is always there to serve you. You can always expect timely and reliable customer service with this product. In addition to this, the product and construction quality of this frame is excellent.

So, if you are searching for a reliable option that offers wonderful construction quality and is known for its long-lasting performance then this is one of the best heavy duty strongest bed frames to consider.

  • It does not causes any mattress sagging.
  • It comes with leg caps ensuring that your flooring is always secured from scratches and other types of damages.
  • The bed frame is 14 inch above the floor offering enough storage space underneath.
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with a guide that delivers convenient installation.
  • The product is shipped in compact packaging.
  • It is a foldable product that is ideal for small room sizes and narrow spaces.
  • You can use it with or without box springs, depending on your preference.
  • It supports up to 1,000 pounds weight.
  • You may experience little noise after long years of use.
  • There are no certainties if the weight is not evenly distributed
  • Some mattress slippage may occur

#3: Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Extra Strong Bed Frame

Olee Sleep T-3000 Extra Strong heavy duty Bed Frame

Another robust and entry-level sleep master platform metal frame bed is one from Olee. It is a highly spacious product offering excellent durability with slats prepared from steel.

The frame is an ideal choice if you are looking something in an affordable range. With foldable steel packets, it is very convenient to assemble and use. It holds slats that are 7.5 inches apart. Hence, if you use a latex mattress then you need to add plywood or something for better support.

The best thing about the frame is that it does not result in any slippage of the mattress. It is quite sturdy, so even if you move then it will stay in place. It does not require any box spring and comes with a 13-inch space underneath to keep all those stuff that you occasionally need. This frame is incredibly quiet and does not make any squeaking sound, which other bed frames may deliver on sitting and laying down.

Also, the slats are not supported with screws and hence it is easy to move the frame to other places. The exclusive feature of this frame is its central leg support that offers additional safety. Even the 14-inch height is standard and makes it easy to move in and out of the bed.

  • The best thing about this bed frame is that its maximum construction is done with metal. There are very few parts done with plastic.
  • With clean and elegant design there is very less squeaking sound.
  • It holds robust construction that makes it much stronger and long-lasting as compared to other frames.
  • It is free from wooden pieces. Hence, it can withstand more weight easily.
  • The unique steel design ensures that there is no sliding.
  • With slats and efficient construction, it offers support to even heavier mattresses and weights.
  • The frame is little bulkier and not very easy to move.
  • It does not come in compact design. Hence moving it to places is not easy.
  • The edges are quite sharp.
  • It does not come with leg caps.

#4: Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

The heavy duty bed frame from Malouf is another excellent choice for obese people.

It comes with an adjustable foundation and excellent center support to enhance your sleeping experience and offer you with ultimate comfort. The exclusivity of this bed frame lies in the fact that it comes with headboard bracket, which are great to serve excellent safety and tension free sleeping nights.

The size of the frame is adequate to support mattresses of all sizes. You can pick a mattress made with memory foam or latex or even heavy duty foam for additional comfort. When it comes to assembling then the mattress offers ease and comfort to the max. It does not house any additional accessories and hence offers a convenient assembling.

Another exclusivity of this bed frame is its two rollers lock that offers enhanced stability power. Even the appearance of this frame is beautiful as the frame is layered with a black matte powder coating. This even enhances the safety of the frame. It can be shipped to any location and is an ideal fit for all room sizes.

This bed frame can be easily adjusted to various heights. It offers a comfort fit to all sizes of mattresses and can be used by a single person or by a couple.

  • It is an adjustable frame that can be tailored to dimensions depending on the requirement.
  • The bed frame supports mattresses of all sizes.
  • Assembling this bed frame is easy as it does not support any additional accessories or components.
  • The frame is coated with black matte powder that offers it a clean and beautiful finish.
  • It comes with rollers lock that enhances its stability and avoids any movement when you twist and turn while sleeping.
  • It houses a headboard racket that offers additional strength and support to the frame.
  • It is suitable for all types of bed mattresses.
  • The 2.5 inch rollers offer additional support to hefty people.
  • The 1.5 inch center support ensures that there is additional power offered for pressure relief.
  • It does not come with additional storage space underneath the surface.
  • The material construction is moderate.
  • It does not come with leg caps, and hence, shifting can cause scratches on the floor.

#5: Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Bed Frame

Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Bed Frame

From a reputed brand and one of a kind, this is another premium extra heavy duty steel platform bed frame ideal for individuals having an overweight.

It comes from a reliable and renowned brand in the industry, and hence, assures durability and long-lasting performance. It weighs 25 pounds and is constructed using the best solid steel material. The metal frame is offered additional support with a bar that makes it an ideal choice for too hefty weights. The brand furniture offers good time warranty and comes with dimensions of 70 inches x 60 inches.

With a height of 7.5inches, it does not offer enough space for storage. There are numerous exclusive features of this metal frame with one being holding excellent resistance to fire. It is even pet-friendly and is an ideal solution over the wooden frame structures. It is easy to use and offers convenient assembling. You don’t have to worry about the price of the product as it is reasonably priced.

It is available in various sizes like Queen, twin, and XL bed sizes. The frame comes with locking wheels and rug roller that boosts its stability and convenience. It is a 7-leg frame offering reliable support while you sleep. Besides durable construction, it offers excellent support at the center to avoid any disturbance while you sleep.

  • The construction quality and material used are the best.
  • It offers awesome center support as well as side support ensuring the absolute reliability of the product.
  • It holds excellent durability and strength, which some other frames may lack.
  • It comes with 7-leg support that makes it an ideal choice even for people with too excessive weight.
  • It comes with lock wheels and rug rollers that make it easy to move.
  • It is from a reputed brand offering 5-years warranty. Hence, you do not have to worry about the product quality and construction.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • You can shop it online only.
  • It may make some sound while you twist or turn while sleeping.
  • It does not offer any space underneath for additional storage.
  • It does not come in King Size.

#6: DHP Dakota Platform Bed with Tufted Upholstery in Faux

DHP Dakota Platform Bed with Tufted Upholstery in Faux

If you are looking for an upholstered bed frame with premium look that holds great appearance and unmatched finish then this is the one to consider.

Upholstered with faux leather tufted at the side rails and headboard it is an ideal choice for those who want to add a stylish appearance to their home décor. The upholstery is finely detailed with paddings and buttons to deliver additional glam and comfort.

It is a perfectly crafted piece for fitting in any area consisting wooden slats and a big size encasing big size mattresses. It is a reliable and strong piece that forms the perfect flat surface for your huge mattress. The bed frame offers great security and comfort. The best thing is that cleaning faux leather is absolutely easy. If you pile it up with coil and foam mattresses then the comfort is unmatched, as stated by the manufacturer.

It is a classy and chic piece designed for the elite obese class. So, if you are searching for something different, trendy, and stylish then this is the piece to be.

  • It is a high-quality and reasonably priced product.
  • The design is unique and it is among the few best-upholstered frames that are known for their quality and appearance.
  • Use of high-quality leather faux is very easy to clean.
  • Being upholstered it offers excellent comfort and safety.
  • It comes with a headboard that offers additional comfort just like the bed frames available in a luxury hotel room.
  • It might be not that much sturdy as compared to the steel frame without upholstery.
  • It is slightly difficult to assemble. Hence, you would want professional assistance in this regard.
  • It is not an ideal choice for those having kids at home.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Overweight Person: Buying Guide

It is essential to consider few things before you buy a sturdy bed frame for an obese person.

Look for Quality
A cheap priced bed frame may not always mean great affordability. It is also possible that the construction quality is inferior and is not meant for heavyweight people. Hence, before you check the price do check for the quality of steel frame and make sure you invest in the best quality frame for lasting performance.
Check Adequate Weight Capacity
Don’t just go by the name. When it is about spending money then it is of utmost relevance to check for the adequate weight capacity of the frame. It is essential that the frame is able to handle your weight. Also, do take into consideration the weight of other family members, if they are heavyweight.
Read Reviews
This is something optional, but it can create a great difference on your buying decision. Do check at least 10 to 20 reviews before you make a final product buying decision. If the review does not confirm the weight capacity or quality of construction then you must avoid buying it, even if it fits into your budget.
Check for the Additional Support
It is true that the heavy-duty metal frames are not the best one to purchase. But the good thing is that they offer you the confidence to sleep well and without experiencing any trouble. If you want your bed frame to offer you absolute confidence then do check for the additional support it offers. The center support and extra reinforcement bars are some aspects to consider. Also, make sure that they are welded well.
One important thing that most of the buyers tend to forget about is the size of the frame. The focus is so much on the weight that they tend to avoid looking at the frame size. Besides your weight, it is essential to pick a frame that offers the best fit to your height. There are some frames available in a limited size and are fit for people with moderate height. Hence, it becomes of utmost relevance to check for the size of the bed frame before you make a final buying decision.
Last but not the least, once all the aspects of the bed frame are suitable to your needs then it is essential to check for its cost. Pick a frame that meets all the above requirements and fits well into your budget.

Some of the best types of bed frames to consider are:

Sleep Master 4400-Bed Frame: Best Metal Heavy Duty platform bed frame queen

The sleep master platform metal frame is an excellent innovation to save money. It is an ideal choice for hefty people as it can conveniently handle heavy weights. It is proven to withstand 4400lbs weight if evenly distributed. With super strong design and sturdiest frame pattern, it is available for all sizes ranging from the standard size to the King and Queen Size. Another excellent thing about this frame is that offers enough space underneath to store additional stuff.

Steel Slat Bed Frame

The 2000 pound capacity steel slat bed frame is another excellent choice that offers convenience over heavy duty steel construction. Such frames offer convenient assembly and offer greater height from the floor. The frame is quiet supporting and is adequate to support people of larger weights. Since everything is built on a steel frame so it offers longevity and durability.

Folding Beds with High-Weight Capacity

If you lack too much space in a small apartment and wish to hold a heavy duty bed then the folding bed is an ideal solution. It offers the convenience of assembling, movement, and at the same can withstand hefty weight with ease.


I hope with all this information, you will be able to select the best bed frame that meets all your needs.

I am sure you have searched for the best heavy duty bed frames a number of times. While some may show bariatric bed frames as the best, others may show sleep master platform metal frame bed the finest. But after reading this post you have to yourself the shortlisted best extra strong bed frame. So, keep in mind the above aspects and shortlist a bed frame that is perfect for you to enjoy trouble-free and good sleeping nights!

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below. I would be happy to help you.

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