Mattress on Floor vs. Bed Frame: Which is Good for You?

Mattress on Floor vs. Bed Frame: Which is Good for You?

How would you feel if I tell you that there are some people who never sleep in beds? Is it surprising? But actually, this is the truth.

There are some ancient tribes and communities who consider sleeping on bed frame a false practice, and hence, have never done that. But we all are spoiled with leisure offered by the comfortable mattress.

However, these mattresses require a firm and solid base to stay intact and offer maximum comfort. So, what do you think is better – a mattress on the floor or a bed frame?

You might be also wondering is sleeping on a mattress on the floor bad for your back or not.

Read this post to know the answer!

Before we instigate the cold war of mattress on the floor vs bed frame, it is first important to know what these mattresses are made of and why they need firm support.

Mattresses Construction

Mattresses are made of box springs, which can be thick and thin depending on the quality used. But in most of the cases, these are thinner, bouncier springs that form a strong foundation for the mattress. It is with the help of these springs that a mattress gives bouncier and comfortable experience and support the weight of the mattress.

However, with evolution in mattress design technologies, the shock absorption and softer component of the bed are effectively combined and managed by the mattress alone. Presently, most of the manufacturers don’t practice box spring construction and now simply offer boxes prepared from wooden slats to support mattress, while also keeping it slightly raised from the ground.

The mattress on Floor vs Bed Frame?

Well, this one is a debatable question, but you can customize the answer as per your preferences based on the following factors.

#1: Airflow is Must

Sure, you would like to skip a bed frame for the sake of comfort and economy. But placing the mattress on the floor can damage it. When you place a mattress on the floor with any additional support and with or without the box spring, then this might develop mold or small dews overtime.

It is because mattresses need a regular airflow to stay dry. These mattresses absorb sweat, body oils, and other impurities when you rest on them. But having direct contact with the floor can worsen the problem and result in damage to the mattress.

#2: Beware of Insects and Bugs

Now, what about bugs and insects on the floor!

Placing your mattress on the floor would mean that you have direct contact with all such nasty stuff. You never know when an insect crawls to your mattress and may bite you leaving you in pain and infection. A bed frame is a good choice in this situation. It not just protects your mattress from contacting such elements, but would even protect you and keep you safe from bugs and insects moving around the floor.

#3: Firm Support to Your Back

If you are a young age person who performs all those strenuous activities throughout the day and suffering from a back problem, then you need more firm support for your mattress. What more firming can be than the floor!

Yes, a good thing about sleeping with a mattress on the floor is that it offers additional firmness to the mattress. Hence, if you are suffering from any back problem then sleeping on the bare floor or with a mattress on the floor can solve the problem to a great extent.

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#4: Mold Growth

You have a foam mattress and not a spring one. But this does not mean you can rest it on the floor.

Even foam mattresses require space to breathe. Otherwise, they can result in mold growth beneath the mattress. Eventually, it can cause severe health problems. This holds true for spring as well as coil mattresses. Improper airflow can give molds a place to grow.

Based on such facts, it is best to plan to sleep on a mattress with a bed frame. This will ensure that your mattress receives proper airflow and is free from mold growth. This is even more important if you live in a humid climate. Placing mattress on the floor can give more space for mold growth.

#5: If you are expecting

One important piece of advice is no matter what kind of mattress you have if you are a pregnant woman then avoid sleeping on the floor.

A pregnant woman can experience major problems while sleeping down and getting up the floor. Even the possibilities of experiencing any infection are more. Hence, it is best to get a proper bed frame for your space. This will ensure that you have a comfortable, good night sleep without worrying about your health condition.

#6: Protect the Mattress Warranty

Standard bed mattress is designed to efficiently pair with a matching box spring. If you place the mattress on the floor without any box spring, then this may void the warranty of mattress.

Hence, if you want to protect the warranty of mattress then make sure you follow all the terms and conditions and avoid sleeping on your mattress with floor underneath.

Final Words

So, this is the end of the discussion between mattresses on floor vs. bedframe. While sleeping on the floor can offer you with more firm support, but at the same time, it leaves space for mold growth and insects attack. Hence, based on your preference and convenience you can select anyway that best suits your requirement.

Enjoy good sleeping!

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