Nectar Adjustable Frame Review 2020: Should you buy?

Nectar Adjustable Frame Review 2020: Should you buy?

Neck pain is a common problem these days among different age groups due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Are you suffering from such an issue and are looking for something that can offer you relief? Nectar Adjustable Frame can be the perfect solution for your search.

In this nectar adjustable bed frame review I will show you its functionalities, why you should buy including pros and cons.

When talked about Nectar Adjustable Frame, it ranks as a winner among various mattresses in the market today. As per a survey, Nectar has a statistics of 95:95:90:95 for price, features, ease of setup, and trial respectively. (Source)

Want to know more about the product? Here is the review to provide you the further details.

Who Is Suitable For Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame?

top rated adjustable bed frame


Are you someone who cannot sleep due to chronic back pain? Or are you someone who is fade up of listening of complaints about your snoring?

If yes, then this can be the absolutely right bed frame to buy for you. The frame offers the benefit of zero gravity that is helpful for a number of people who suffer from various issues such as poor digestion, sleep apnea, chronic pain, lymphedema, and many others.

So, mainly a number of people can get Nectar Adjustable Frame who wishes to benefit

  • Relief from snoring,
  • Reduced swelling,
  • Improved health of the heart,
  • Improved breathing,
  • Reduced back pain,
  • Relaxed muscles,
  • Improvement in acid reflux, and others.

We also covered What kind of bed frames should you get for your needs on mattress well.

Who Is Not Suitable For Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame?

nectar bed frame with headboard

Though the bed frame is highly useful and beneficial for a number of people, there are a number of people who may not like the bed frame. The Nectar Bed Adjustable Bed Frame is not suitable for people who usually on a flat surface.

Also, if you have a habit of sleeping on a mattress, you may get a bit of discomfort sleep on the bed frame. At the most, you may have to spend some extra money on buying a compatible mattress for the bed frame.

Superior Construction

nectar adjustable frame dimensions

The bed frame has a superior construction that fits absolutely right with the Nectar mattress. If you are someone with chronic pain or related issues, this can be the complete therapeutic package for you.

The frame is made in such a way that it can allow you to elevate your feet and head while you are sleeping.

The 15 feet high bed frame is supported well with six legs and has a strong metal adjustable base. The platform is of fiber to provide a good look to the bed.

The motors for the elevation of the feet and head are hidden underneath the bed frame. This can be operated with the help of a wireless remote. The base of the bed also has two USB ports that can be used for charging your tablets or smartphones.

The bed is mainly available in five different sizes and these are twin XL, full size, queen size, king size, and split kind size. The measurements of the bed range from 76/80/15 inches to 39/80/15 inches.

Customized Sleep Experience Of Nectar Adjustable Frame

Simple Set Up

The set of the bed frame is extremely easy for which you do not require any professional help. You just need to unbox the frame, take out the legs and screw them to the bed frame. Now, you need to attach the motor to the base and connect the USB to the wall socket for charging. This whole process should take at the most 10 minutes on an average.

Customized Sleep

nectar adjustable bed frame assembly

The bed frame offers a customized sleep option where you can choose different positions to sleep with the help of the wireless remote control. It can allow the head to rise up to sixty degrees from zero degrees. You can elevate the head or the feet in just one single click on the remote for various activities such as watching television or just to relax. The remote also offers you a memory function so that you can get the desired position fast without searching much.

Zero Gravity

AdjustableBaseInMotion - nectar bed frame

Zero gravity is the sleeping position that is considered to the most effective and beneficial posture for sleeping. The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame offers you the zero gravity position so that you can get a good sleep. This is basically a position where your body weight is distributed equally to all your body parts. There are a number of benefits that you can get sleeping in the zero gravity position such as:

  • Relief from snoring,
  • Improved health of the heart and breathing,
  • Reduced back pain, and relaxes sore muscles,
  • Improvement in acid reflux, and others.

High Quality In Low Price

nectar adjustable bed frame reviews

Nectar offers the adjustable bed frame with all possible benefits and features that can provide you the best sleeping positions and relief from different health issues.

But the most amazing thing is that it is available in the market in comparatively much lesser price than the other companies. You can get the twin XL size at a price of $649. The highest price will be for the split king size that is around $1298.

Trial, Warranty, Free Shipping, & Return

When you buy Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame, you get three years warranty for it. The warranty is on the drive motors, massage motors, and other electrical components. If you find a defect and call up within 1 years of the purchase, you can get the whole replacement of the bed frame. After one year, if you get some defect, you can get a replacement of the particular part that is creating the trouble.

Nectar does not force you to buy the product giving you the benefits of a warranty. It offers you a trial of 100 days. As per Nectar, you should use the bed frame for about 31 days before you actually buy it. In case, if you are not satisfied of the product, you will get the full money back of it.

When you order the bed frame, you just have to pay for the product. There are no such shipping charges for the bed frame and it will be delivered to your address for free. Not just the delivery, even if you wish to return the product, you can return the product for free.


If you are someone who is buying an adjustable bed frame for the first time, this can be the best option to buy. There are so many pros that can motivate you to buy this such as:

  • The massage feature,
  • The whole bed frame comes to your doorstep in one single box,
  • Various sleeping positions as per your requirements,
  • Zero gravity sleeping position for a great sleep,
  • Dual USB ports available,
  • One of the best adjustable bed frame and that also at a price that is lower than any other such products in the market.
  • The bed frame also has a few of the minor cons that you should know before you actually order it. The only con is that you do not have any light under the bed and you have to spend some time in assembling the bed frame once you unbox it.

Nectar Adjustable Frame Dimensions:

  • Twin XL: 39in x 80in x 15in
  • Full: 54in x 75in x 15in
  • King:  76in x 80in x 15in
  • Queen: 60in x 80in x 15in
  • Split King: 78in x 80in x 15in


The Wrap Up on Nectar Adjustable Frame Review:

You can easily order the bed frame, and also assemble it on your own without the use of any kind of tool. The functions are easy to understand and the remote is easy to operate. What else you want? Loaded with features and packed with benefits. Can you stop yourself from buying it?

Your partner will be jealous with your relationship with your bed once you start using this. Nothing else in this world can be as comfy as this piece of mattress.

Not only that, we guarantee that you will need a huge determination to slip out from the comfort of such a sweet place.

Jokes apart!!

Whats in your mind?

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