Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Reviews

Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Reviews

Want to know everything about different Zinus Elite Smartbase mattress foundation? Then read this review!

The Zinus, 14-inch mattress, is a smart solution to your bed. Available in three different types, it assures to deliver firm and sound support to your mattress in use. It’s our top choice of best strongest bed frames for overweight persons.

What are the Three Different Types?

  • Smartbase Elite

  • Smartbase Deluxe

  • Smartbase Standard

If you are less on space and want a solid solution for under bed storage, then this is an invaluable option. The line of mattress frames from Zinus Smartbase eliminates the requirement for a box spring and offers a convenient 14inch space under frame for adequate storage.

So, let’s check out the three different models in detail and know the best one for you!

Zinus 14” Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Reviews

#1: The Zinus Smartbase Elite Model

This is the most advanced model from the Smartbase lineup that has a lot to offer. Resting 14” above the floor, it is a steel frame construction robust enough to support 4,400 pounds conveniently.

With such excellent weight support, this Elite model is perfect for overweight or obese people.

It offers 13-inch clearance space under the bed. Hence, you can always store your stuff with ease and out of others sight. This is an excellent solution to those who are short on storage space. It would give them an extra space to store personal items in a safe and organized manner.

Its heavy-duty wire grid offers firm support to the mattress. Even using this model avoids the need to use box spring.

Another exclusive aspect of this frame is its foldable design, which makes it very easy to store and transport. Even the company offers plastic caps at the bottom to ensure that your floor is not damaged while shifting or placing the frame.

Available in five distinct sizes, you can choose from Twin, Full, King, Queen, and Twin XL.


  • Available in five different sizes
  • Robust steel construction offer firm support to the mattress
  • Can bear 4,440 pounds weight with ease
  • Foldable design makes it easy to move and transport
  • 46.86 pounds
  • The product comes with 5 years warranty
  • Enough Space to store valuable items

#2: Zinus Smartbase Deluxe Model

The Smartbase Deluxe model is also a wonderful design with solid construction and foldable functionality. With numerous rich features, using this product is easy and convenient.

It comes with reinforced edges that offer a strong foundation to the mattress. Hence, it can offer the reliable support needed to increase the lifespan of your mattress and avoid experiencing sagging. Another exclusivity of this frame is recessed legs that allow safety to the fullest. These legs come with T-shape locking system offers added stability.

While the foldable design makes it easy to carry, you can even take it along easily through narrow doorways.

Like other models, this frame too; offers 13-inch clearance space underneath. Hence, you can always store your stuff and belongings with ease to get a clutter-free room. From blankets, pillows, linens, clothes, shoes, keepsakes to other things, you can use the space to store it all.

Even this frame is available in five distinct sizes. Since, the T-shape construction adds stability, so it is perfect to use even in the kids room. The reinforced edges ensure that the mattress stays on stop without experiencing sliding and slipping.


  • The T-shape leg construction with an interlocking system is its exclusivity
  • A great replacement for box spring bed frame
  • It does not require any tool assembly
  • Enough clearance space available underneath
  • Reinforces edges prevents slipping and sliding of the mattress
  • Available in five different sizes of Queen, King, Twin XL, Full, and Twin Sizes
  • It is designed to withstand 2400 pound weight capacity

#3: Zinus Smartbase Standard Model

Another versatile and exclusive model from Zinus Smartbase range is the standard model. Though the model is a basic one, I am sure it would not turn you off. The frame is designed for optimum durability and support, and the steel design gives your frame years of use.

Since the steel design is made as per Wenzel metal spinning; it is 2.5 times denser than aluminium frames. Besides robust performance and excellent durability, it comes with the convenience of a foldable design that makes it extremely easy to transport and use at different places.

Unlike other foundations in the Smartbase range, this model is available in California King Size. It stands 14inch tall and offers a 13inch space under the bed for appropriate storage. It comes with plastic cups that protect floors and adds more sturdiness to the design of this foundation. This prevents mattress sagging and ensures that you can experience lasting performance.


  • The steel design is highly durable and efficient.
  • It comes with 14inch space and offers proper storage with ease. As a result, you can plan a clutter-free room.
  • The design is foldable and can be shifted to other spaces without experiencing any problem.
  • The frame comes in various sizes that can be selected for proper comfort.
  • The plastic cups offer added protection to floors. Hence, your floor stays damage free and imparts more sturdiness to the frame.

Which One You Select

Which is the correct foundation for you? This all depends entirely on your needs and preferences.

The Elite foundation is highly durable and a heavy-duty model is offering excellent weight support. Even its grid design offers maximum support.

In addition to this Deluxe foundation is also an excellent choice, perfect for children and users. Its recessed design imparts additional stability and safety to the users.

Even the Standard model is perfect for everyone and everyday use. But it is available only in California King Mattress. The other models are not big enough to support the mattress size.

The basic features of these three frames are similar. Each one of them is foldable, easy to assemble and come with caps on foot. They all have a steel construction and are ready to use in very less time.

They only have few minor differences. So, no matter which one you pick Zinus has crafted them equally well.

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